What does mean 444?

At some point in time, you may have looked at the time because you needed to go somewhere or do something very specific that was time sensitive. When you looked at the time, have you every noticed that you just happen to look at the time at triple repetitive numbers? It doesn’t seem like much until it continues to happen at very random moment of daily living yet you notice the time again at that triple repetitive numbers.

This has been my experience since August 2018. It may have begun earlier than August, however August is when I began to keep it as a memory of seeing the numbers 4:44 at very random moments. It would either be 4:44 AM or 4:44 PM. At this point I began to speak to the Holy Spirit at the meaning of the number 4 and always seeing the time at 4:44. It was always on the clock not on any other sequence of numbers, like vehicle license plates for billboard, for example. I can recall many other points in my life where I took notice of repetitive number but this time is the longest that I have have experienced it. My eyes was landing on the clock precisely on 4:44 that I started to take pictures. I’ll provide some of them within this post.

In the age of massive increase in technology and the ease of information available, the thought of searching this out on google or more personally for me YouTube is my go to outlets to find out what other individuals have experienced or have to say regarding the numbers 444. What I some of have to know as the New Age and just plain pagan believing individuals are the ones who was covering this topic on numbers in comparison to born-again believers. There just wasn’t much information that out there at least none that I could say struck a chord with me in my spirit, so to speak.

I continued pray on the matter to Father Yahweh and ask Holy Spirit for understanding to the meaning of the consecutive 4:44 that I was seeing multiply times throughout the weeks and months. I learned through various other prayers and asking to not stop asking and to not stop praying until the answer or until my issue had resolved. So I was in high expectations that the answer would come soon. It was about Winter at this point and I had gone through some bible and read all the ones that were either chapter 4, verse 44 or chapter 44, verse 4. Some where clearly not relating to me and others I felt related to what I had come to understanding but still not yet hitting the nail on the head.

By divine grace, I was listening to a simply teaching on the Hebrew alphabet and the meaning of each letter of YHWH. I became interested on this topic because I was focused on the tetrogram name of Father Yahweh wrote out as YHWH, it’s where we get the name Yahweh from. The Hebrew does not have vowels like the English and other language do.  The speaking got to the Hebrew letter Dalet, which is the English equivalent of ‘D’.  In this specific video the individual was also teaching on each letter of the Hebrew was also assigned a number. The number for the letter Dalet or ‘D’ is 4!

I provide this for visual understanding. Credited website: http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/alphabet_letters_dalet.html

I was not looking at screen on my phone at the time but as soon as she mentioned it, I quickly grabbed my phone and rewind it to hear and this time see it. At that point I knew I found my answer, as if I was a guitar string – the chord of my spirit was struck! A rush of memories came back to me at that exact time. See, months earlier during my time in praying in tongues (speaking mysteries to my Father through Holy Spirit) my eyes where closed and I had a short vision. I saw a door and it was slightly open, I then heard the voice of Holy Spirit say very clearly, “Jesus is the Door”.

I’ll admit that I only knew that scripture where Lord Jesus Christ said that He is the door ( some translations write gate) either way it’s an opening, a passage through, a way in… A way in?… into what?..  I thought I was already “in Jesus Christ”.

Well this is where things started to get really interesting and exciting and I began to understand Lord Jesus Christ as the Door in a whole new way as the Holy Spirit revealed. (…find Part 2 quicker here)

John 10:9

I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.

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