Love Complete

Less of myself, less of myself. Teach me to love Lord, show me how to love, not the things I already love, but the people I avoid, the things I cannot stand, the places I don’t want to go, the things I don’t want to do. Restore my eyesight to the true love that you are all about. Less of myself, more, more, even more of you. Without your Love Complete, I am nothing to no one!

Break my heart from what breaks yours. Burden me, with what burdens you.
Break me into pieces, crumble me into dust, I worry not for I am in the Potter’s hands. Rebuild me, reconstruct me, mold me to what will bring you all the glory.

May I lift your name up high so that all men will be drawn unto you. Let your pure light shine forth from my belly to pierce the darkness that the enemy has placed in this world.

Show me the way that you want me to go. I am but a small child, I have just began to learn how to walk. Hold my hands, dear Father, for I may fall if you let go. Put blinders on me as they do on horses, is it that serious, Yes! How quick it is for me to watch the next person and what they are doing, how quick it is for me to think, “Well what about me?”

Call me by my spiritual name, let me know it and accept it; then when my enemies want to call me by my flesh name I will turn a deaf ear and remind them of who I am in Christ.

Grant me the grace needed to follow and keep all your precepts and statutes. I fall short of your glory every day Lord. As your mercy abound to me, I will praise and thank you for your faithfulness. Teach me to ask for the things that I need not what I want. We both know what I want, but only you know of what I am truly in need of.

May I love like you do, talk like you do, walk like you do, and act like you do. No longer will they see me, but your Holy presence manifest in me. Let me not waste the precious blood of Jesus Christ full of power and might.

Without your Love Complete, I am nothing, to no one.

1John 4:12 “No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”

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