This Happened During Worship

Lord Jesus…

Let me pour on you my sweet perfume from my alabaster box. Sit, let me adorn your head with
my priceless incense given by no man, brought not by myself but a gift from you yourself. What shall
I do with this alabaster box? Shall I hid it for a rainy day? Parade it around town for others to see?
Or give it to the highest bidder?…No, this is for you. There is no one else worthy of receiving it.

My hair becomes like an honored clothe to wipe the feet of the Great I AM, wiping away my tears of love and absolute gratefulness. My lips are for none other than to worship your majesty from truths that lie deep inside me. Your love consumes me like the highest currents of the seas; deep passion no one else can express but with you it comes so easy.

As I sing to your name, you anoint my tongue to sing to you a New song. You change my course of tongue to one no man, even myself, has ever heard.
“No tongue can express the love that I see in your heart, it will in fact limit you. Let me expand your boundaries of communication where you will not be limited by words or a single thought that might come to mind. Deep calls onto deep from your belly you call to me, I come to fulfill your heart’s desire: Your love for your King. Your trembling in my presence signifies my power fulfilled in you. Your spirit is one with me, steadfast, like a steady balanced mountain goat’s hooves. There is another level that I will take you to. Don’t think you’ve “arrived” for within me there are many folds. Draw near to me and I will draw near to you” … So my King has expressed himself, a fresh word from his throne of grace.

May I stay a while longer? Will the world still not turn if I was to go with you?  

My identity is made manifest in you, my womanhood approved by your teachings. You grant me access to your infinite wisdom and knowledge. I partake in your great love, not to keep only but reciprocate. So with my alabaster box broken before you, you reach down and fill it up ounce more only to come back and break it before you again. And again, Lord, I will come.

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